Beecademy explained

The Beecademy is your comprehensive guide to sustainability in the food and restaurant sector. Split into two tiers, it's structured to serve both foundational knowledge and advanced insights. 

The fun part? No need for offline trainings, everything is online.

Fundamentals of Sustainability

Take a dive into the essentials of sustainability. Explore modules on sustainability basics on everything from crafting sustainable menus and effective waste management, to conserving water and energy. Each module features insightful videos tackling the core of the topic, followed by practical solutions. Test comprehension with a short quiz at each section's conclusion, and delve deeper into supplementary resources available in every module description.

Sustainability in Practice

Venturing beyond the basics, Sustainability in Practice brings the Beecademy into real-world scenarios. Engage with frontline sustainability experts, from chefs and farmers to researchers. Through our regularly updated videocasts, witness the principles in action, be it the functioning of a zero-waste restaurant or local initiatives. This dynamic section allows for feedback, addresses pressing queries, and dives into evolving sustainability challenges.

The Beecademy’s core is collaboration and accessibility. Whether training staff, addressing specific challenges, or seeking inspiration for next-level sustainability, we make knowledge accessible to all, catering to every stage of your sustainability journey.

Our core sustainability themes:


In the restaurant industry, food is at the heart of everything. Ensure your dishes are rooted in ethics with our guidance: from sourcing ingredients responsibly, to portioning with precision, and ensuring freshness. Navigate dietary restrictions with clarity and accessibility for your patrons. We help you master sustainable supply chains, adept food preparation, and eco-conscious menu planning.


From sourcing to service, waste remains a pivotal concern in the restaurant industry. We begin with foundational insights into the nature and implications of waste. Together, we then explore strategies for effective waste management, emphasising both reduction and circularity.

Energy & Water usage

Starting with the essentials of energy and water consumption sets the stage for impactful change in the restaurant industry. From foundational knowledge, we transition to actionable insights that our valued partners can use to proactively refine their energy and water footprints, leaning into greener alternatives whenever feasible.

Operations & Design

Envision a restaurant where every choice is a nod to sustainability—from the dishes to green packaging and ethical sourcing. Dive into the meaning of sustainability and how to integrate it seamlessly into your restaurant's vision and plans.


Sustainability thrives on unity. Through our 'Community' curriculum, we evaluate how effectively restaurants weave their sustainability values into training and communication. It's all about listening to the voices of staff and customers, while consistently upholding the gold standards of ethics, professionalism, and transparency.