How Sustainable Is Your Restaurant?

October 26, 2023

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Raising the Bar in Sustainability Evaluation

Sustainability in the restaurant industry goes beyond catchy phrases or one-off eco-friendly choices. It’s an intricate dance of multiple decisions that together make a restaurant truly green. If you’re here you’re either already firm in your commitment to sustainability or you’re looking to start on that journey. But, what’s the baseline for sustainability and how do you know exactly where you stand? A sustainability assessment is a good place to start and Humbee has got you covered. Sure, you might find other sustainability assessments out there.Some might only scratch the surface, while others might aim for a more general green business approach. However, what sets Humbee's Sustainability Checklist apart is its laser focus on the unique challenges and opportunities faced by the food and restaurant sector.

Most generic tools fail to grasp the depth and breadth of sustainability issues specific to restaurants. But Humbee dives deep, offering comprehensive insights tailored to the food industry's nuances. Why does this matter? Because it's too easy to fall into the trap of greenwashing, claiming sustainability without substantial action behind the scenes. A shallow badge of honour isn’t doing the industry or the planet any favours. Humbee's tool combats this by providing restaurants with a clear, in-depth understanding of where they truly stand. It illuminates areas of success and points out potential improvements, preventing green claims from being merely skin-deep.

Authenticity and action

But, it's not all about introspection. It’s also about action. Recognising where improvements can be made is the first step towards creating an authentically green dining experience. And that's where Humbee shines even brighter – it doesn't just highlight areas of improvement but actively lowers the barrier to sustainable action. Whether you've just begun your sustainability journey or you're looking to solidify your green credentials, Humbee supports your efforts, connecting you to a vast network of sustainable partners and offering tailor-made consulting when you need it.

So, restaurateurs, are you intrigued enough to take a quick peek? Try out Humbee's mini-checklist to get a taste of your sustainability standing in less than five minutes. Or, if you're feeling adventurous and committed, dive into the comprehensive checklist for a full, in-depth analysis. With Humbee by your side, get set to navigate the sustainability maze with clarity, fun, and purpose. 

Mini Sustainability Checklist. Click here (approx. 3 minutes)

Interested in the full Sustainability Checklist? Click here