Partnerships with Purpose

Humbee's  Sustainable Partner Network.

A 360-degree partner network, revolutionizing sustainability for restaurants. We unite experts, collaborators, and solutions to help restaurants thrive sustainably.

Sustainable food

Navigate the path of sustainable dining with partners championing eco-friendly food sources. Whether you aim to optimize your menu's sustainability or connect with local farmers using environmentally-conscious methods, our network ensures a holistic approach.

Waste management

Enhance and support your sustainability journey with our esteemed partners in waste management. From composting to strategic consults, our partnerships bolster your restaurant's commitment to a greener future.

Sustainable packaging

Elevate your commitment to the planet with our partners dedicated to sustainable packaging solutions. Explore a variety of choices, from biodegradable and compostable materials to innovative reusable systems promoting circularity, ensuring your packaging meets the highest environmental standards.

And more...

Our partnerships embrace the boundless potential of sustainability. Explore our network for sustainable furniture and design solutions, advanced water filtration, eco-beverages, innovative portioning technology, premium eco-cleaning supplies, and more. Whether enhancing your current initiatives or starting anew, we support every step with diverse partners.

"Becoming sustainable cannot be done by yourself.
By partnering up and helping each other, true
sustainability can be achieved."

Ference Feenstra
Co-Founder, Humbee