Helping restaurants become future-proof

The Sustainability Hub, a holistic ecosystem created to empower businesses in their sustainability journey.

Sustainability Checklist

Assess your restaurants current sustainability practices.

Our comprehensive sustainability checklist gauges where you stand in your sustainability journey, providing you with a clear picture of your current status and, ultimately, a mark of recognition for your sustainability efforts.  

Each business is unique. Receive tailored reports highlighting strengths, pinpointing weaknesses, and suggesting avenues for growth.

Training in sustainability has never been this easy.

The Beecademy is a streamlined learning platform for the food and restaurant sector, emphasising key sustainability themes: food, waste, energy and water, operations and design, and community. We've structured the content into two distinct levels:

Sustainability Fundamentals, covering essential topics, and Sustainability in Practice, offering a deeper dive into real-world applications.

Designed to support every step of your sustainability journey, the Beecademy is your guide to informed, actionable insights.

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Sustainability Guidance

Sustainable growth through personalized, ongoing support.

After completing our sustainability checklist, we invite you to a focused discussion to explore the findings for your restaurant. Our tailored advice offers practical solutions, addressing immediate concerns and future challenges, with the goal of offering clear, actionable guidance. And this isn't just a one-time conversation; it's an ongoing partnership that you can call on as you need.

Our approach is to provide solutions that not only enhance sustainability but also boost your bottom line and ensure compliance with regulations. We're committed to making sustainability manageable and beneficial for your business.
Partner Network

Connect with vetted suppliers to boost your sustainability.

Discover the power of connection with our Partner Network, designed exclusively for the restaurant industry's sustainability needs. This network isn't just a directory; it's a curated community of vetted suppliers and partners, all committed to eco-friendly practices.

Whether you're looking to enhance the sustainability of your menu offerings or seeking eco-friendly alternatives for common hospitality and catering supplies, our network provides comprehensive, 360-degree solutions. Our partners are carefully selected to ensure they meet high standards of sustainability, quality, and reliability.

Join our Partner Network and transform your restaurant into a beacon of sustainability, benefiting from a wide range of resources, expertise, and innovative solutions. We're here to support every step of your sustainable journey, connecting you with the right solutions for every challenge.

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